Monthly Archives: March 2011

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Johanna & Jared’s Carolina Inn Wedding

I loved this wedding!  I need to write a book and share some of the stories I’ve gathered over the years about how couples meet, where they’ve lived and how they ended up together no matter distance and time.  Johanna and Jared would be one of the many stories in my book.  There was so […]

Kaitlin & Justin’s Duke Chapel Wedding

With all this rain we’ve been having down here in NC, I was reminded of a beautiful wedding at Duke Chapel.  This was one of those days where it was a blessing that it rained, because it had been a scorcher the entire week leading up to the wedding.  Kaitlin and Justin knew that their […]

Celebrity Dairy Wedding

Bettina and Rob’s lovely wedding was held at The Inn at Celebrity Dairy in Chatham County, NC.  I love the connection that these two have! Bettina is a dancer, so it was so much fun to shoot this!